Mind's Eye

by Rough Justice

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released July 16, 2012



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Rough Justice Sheffield, UK


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Track Name: Overruled
Draw back look around you like what you see?
This'll be your breeding ground for all eternity,
treated as an equal, that's all i wanna be.
How dare you overrule me,
How dare you question my authority,
What am I supposed to see?
I must be missing the point.

You've only got me to answer to,
what can you say for yourself.
You let yourself unwind,
but you can't turn back time.

The lack of sincerity proves that one day my darkest fears will become real.

Treated as an equal, that's all i wanna be,
treated as an equal, next time don't come running back to me.
Track Name: Mind's Eye
In the end the end could never make me miss a breath,
why fear this six foot hole in which we aren't afraid of death.
Time passes by but we don't even know we're here,
each day we cry about the things we think we know,
each day another set of diluted tears.

Day in day out nothing stays the same,
Breathe in breathe out anger can't be contained.

You've got a deep stream of consciousness,
barely scratching the surface.
Looming under a sea of doubt,

My mind's eye controls me,
shows me what i'm meant to see.
Always at the door but never having the key,
i can't help but regret the things i chose not to be.
Track Name: Beaten Track
A hopeless place is where we placed our hope,
shielded from shame like a blanket of smoke.
Why open your eyes when you've got nothing to see?
Why try to be someone when you've got no one to be.

Ask yourself is this what you really want to do?
Seek love in many only get it from a few,
once you fall from grace you can't climb back in.
Take a look at yourself this isn't you.

You've forgotten where your loyalty lies,
I can see it in your face and in your eyes.
You're off the beaten track,
and there ain't no way back.
Track Name: Boa Constrictor
eye to eye will never be you and me
whats done is done what will be will be
there nothing you can say to make me agree
the seeds been sown, my minds been made now

your empty words are no skin off my back
i owe you nothing and i never will

what is this image that you're trying to convey?
your actions will come back to haunt you someday
you dont get any applause for failure

i hope that oneday you will understand
that nothing in life is free
greeds reaching out, you're taking it's hand
eye to eye will never be you and me